SQL Server incorrect INFORMATION_SCHEMA table case in native query


In SQL Server database INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables and columns have upper casing. liquibase.snapshot.jvm.UniqueConstraintSnapshotGenerator:84 and liquibase.snapshot.jvm.UniqueConstraintSnapshotGenerator:147 queries have lower case native queries. As a result dbDoc generation on SQL server fails with no such object database error. Please see attached patch


SQL Server database (case insensitive queries not enabled)


Nathan Voxland
September 24, 2013, 1:32 PM

I made the change to UniqueConstraintSnapshotGenerator and GetViewDefinitionGenerator, thanks for the patch. I also checked to make sure there were no other usage of a wrong-case information_schema and found no new ones.

I left the FormattedSqlChangeLogParserTest for now since changing it to upper case would break other databases. I'm working through improved tested separately, and the test itself will still run correctly and test what it needs to on my system.

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Anton Zukovskij