Parameters set in included file are no longer set in 3.2.0


I've been trying to port my Spatial extension to Liquibase 3.2.0 but found that my integration tests were failing. I think I've narrowed this down to change log parameters being set in an included file are no longer set in my change log under test.

The test checks the state of the database (Derby, H2, etc) using preconditions with parameters. Unfortunately the parameters are not expanded so I get SQL validation errors back from the database. I verified that the problem is not limited to just the sqlCheck precondition but also affects the "sql" change. I've tested this both from Liquibase on the command-line and my test code with the same errors so I'm reasonably assured that it's not something with my test setup.

Here are the pertinent portions of my change logs:



When I run my test, I receive this error:

Notice that the SQL includes "$ current_schema_sql" instead of "schema()" as defined in properties.xml. When I move that property declaration to create-table-index-drop-table.xml, the test passes.

My test change logs can be found here if you'd like to see the complete versions.


Windows 7
Java 7u55
Derby and H2


Lonny Jacobson


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