Liquibase gives different results from Ant and the command line



When I run Liquibase from the command line it populates the FILENAME column of DATABASECHANGELOG with the relative paths to the changelog files, as you'd hope. But when I run exactly the same changelog from exactly the same directory, using Ant, it populates the column with the absolute paths.

Among other things this means that the Ant and the command-line versions are not interoperable for me.

But I can't find anyone else having reported this problem, so I'm sure it's something I'm doing; something that I haven't set up correctly. I've seen some suggestions that the root directory of the changelog needs to be on the classpath, so I've included it in the Ant classpath, but it doesn't make any difference.

Here's my Ant build file:

Edited to add some changelog files.

Here's the root changelog file:

The first of the included ones starts like this:

It has lots of other sequences. The next one does the tables, indexes and views, and is pretty much as you'd expect.




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