Escaped reserved keywords in HSQL are stored in lower case instead of upper case.



This issue is basically a cloneof the following issue, but it seems like the code between the original fix version and the current version has already changed and the issue has returned.

What happens is that when I use lower case column names such as "language", "group" or "value", Liquibase escapes these by putting quotes around the words because they are reserved words.

But by escaping the value in HSQL, the column name gets stored as a lower case value. Internally, HSQL seems to change every value to upper case values by default.

The problem with storing the name as lower case is that when you use other libraries or write queries which do not escape these reserved words, all fields are again set to upper case.

In the previous version (other issue), you had a specific method for escaping an object per database class.
I had a look at the recent code (but am not too familiar with it) and you seem to be escaping the reserved words now in the class. I suppose the code has changed a bit between those two versions which re-introcuded this issue?

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Windows, Spring, Java 8


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