Integration tests failing on master


Are the integration tests expected to work on master?

I was hoping to create a pull request to fix a MySQL specific issue, and the first thing I did was get a dev environment working and see if the tests passed for me.

For example, the H2IntegrationTest has lots of failures on a clean checkout of master (c9767b53) for me:

These don't look like transient issues, but look to me like the tests are currently broken.
For example, H2IntegrationTest.runJsonChangelog is failing because the "changelogs/json/common.tests.changelog.json" changelog has a "nullable" attribute on a column that it doesn't like:

1. Is it the case that there are known bugs in the test suite, or have I set up my dev environment incorrectly?

2. Is there a publicly visible CI server or test report for the project's integration tests?

3. If I want to submit a patch, what is the current policy regarding failing integration tests? Should I just ensure that my changes leave things no worse in this regard?

4. Is there a plan for getting this back on track? Can I help with that? I would suggest something like the following:
a) create a publicly visible CI build covering integration tests (at least for the free databases) (I notice you have been making commits which mention "circle ci" - are you already working on this?)
b) get the build green, by marking integration tests with "@Ignore // FIXME" if necessary
c) keep the build green by only accepting changes that pass the build from now on
d) gradually work on the backlog of currently failing tests

Great work on Liquibase; I have been using it for years and find it very useful! Thank you.


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