Changelog parameters cannot be overridden in the parameters block in Formatted SQL


Expected Behavior

The documentation says that we can configure change log parameters in the DatabaseChangeLog file itself.

Actual Behavior

There is no documentation on how to do this for Formatted SQL and all attempts to make this work have failed for me.

Steps to Reproduce the Problem

Scenario 1: property found in file and not overridden in changelog: file:

changelog file:

==> Good, this means that it the variable "akey" was found in and resolved. This is the control situation.

Scenario 2: property found in file and IS overridden in changelog file:

changelog file:

==> doesn't care about the --property tag. perhaps its formatted wrong? I tried several variations with no success. There is no documentation on how to achieve this within formatted sql

Scenario 3: property NOT found in file and IS defined in changelog file: file:

changelog file:

==> No replacement, takes literal value


Version: Liquibase Community 3.8.2
Platform: Running inside Docker image on Alpine 3


Steve Donie

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