Passing changelog params in CLI doesn't override params


Expected Behavior

When I pass a parameter value in the CLI (dxxx) that also exists in the file ( then I expect the value passed in the CLI to take precedence over the one in the file

Actual Behavior

If the variable is defined in and is also passed in the CLI, the value resolves to that which is If the variable is NOT defined in, and is passed in the CLI, it resolves to the CLI passed value.

The documentation clearly says:

If a parameter is specified in both the properties file and the command line, the command line value will override the value in the file.

Steps to Reproduce the Problem file:

command line:

==> The column name should be "updated" and not "original"


Version: 3.8.2 Community
Platform: Installed/run on a docker image on Alpine 3


Steve Donie

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