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      I have a large MySQL database and I often want to "rollup" changes into single SQL statements per table if possible.

      For example:

      In development,

      changeset 1 = alter bigtable add column ...
      changeset 2 = alter smalltable add column ...
      changeset 3 = alter bigtable add column ...

      When it is time to upgrade the production system, I would want changesets 1 & 3 to be consolidated into one SQL command. MySQL is slow in updating large tables because it must work on a copy first. I can take the hit once to add 2 new columns in one SQL statement, or take twice as long to update the table using 2 SQL statements.

      When the upgrade time for bigtable runs several hours, I really need to consolidate where possible!

      So far, I do this manually, but "manual operations" are always error prone...




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