Release Notes - Liquibase Core - Version 2.0.2 - HTML format


  • [CORE-755] - Mysql generate changelog issues
  • [CORE-843] - Wrong mapping of type NUMERIC/NUMBER to NUMBER for PostgreSql databases
  • [CORE-858] - addNotNullConstraint not working in MySQL with boolean values
  • [CORE-863] - Liquibase core needs NumericType
  • [CORE-866] - MySql Numeric problem
  • [CORE-868] - Unable to create changelog tables in DB2i (since moving to 2.0)
  • [CORE-879] - generateChangelog creates numeric() (19,0) for ID column
  • [CORE-880] - Command line parsing not validating correctly
  • [CORE-887] - Migration from 1.9.5 -> 2.0.1: databasechangelog table not updated when using 'updateSql'
  • [CORE-889] - Wrong mapping of type NUMERIC/NUMBER to NUMBER for HSQLDB databases
  • [CORE-894] - WebSphere: ClassCastException
  • [CORE-896] - LoadDataChange does not explicitly close its CSVReader
  • [CORE-904] - NVARCHAR should be mapped to VARCHAR for HSQLDB
  • [CORE-905] - Rollback misses second changeSet with same ID different DBMS
  • [CORE-920] - double type not handled for Postgresql
  • [CORE-921] - dropAllForeignKeyConstraints does not work on Oracle with multi-column constraints
  • [CORE-924] - Missing HSQLDB reserved words AVG MIN MAX
  • [CORE-926] - Liquibase fails to fetch MSSQL View DDL when the view definition is larger than 4000 chars
  • [CORE-932] - NullPointerException is thrown when CustomPrecondition throws CustomPreconditionErrorException with no cause
  • [CORE-936] - DropAllForeignKeys throws exception on PostgreSQL
  • [CORE-937] - Ant task do not respect ant basedir
  • [CORE-943] - Bad value for int using Postgres
  • [CORE-951] - InformixTypeConverter should allow TEXT as a valid data type rather than using getClobType()
  • [CORE-952] - Create Table with autoincrement fails for hsqldb
  • [CORE-958] - MySQLTypeConvert uses "TEXT" for "CLOB", which is too small
  • [CORE-962] - Liquibase 2.0.1 NUMERIC datatype bug when using HSQL in memory DB
  • [CORE-963] - StringChangeLogSerializer does not deal with array fields properly
  • [CORE-971] - liquibase problem
  • [CORE-975] - Liquibase wont work when deployed in directory containing ".jar/"
  • [CORE-978] - loadUpdateData fail when all values are primary keys
  • [CORE-984] - PostgreSQL driver changes "numeric" type to "number". NUMBER is not supported by PostgreSQL!
  • [CORE-994] - Database unlock called in futureRollback mode
  • [CORE-997] - Exception while using column type TINYINT in Derby
  • [CORE-998] - Changing index columns leads to wrong output order in the change log xml file.
  • [CORE-1001] - Index equals implementation does not take column order into account
  • [CORE-1002] - MySql double precision in combination with Hibernate
  • [CORE-1003] - New table with unique index leads attempt to create unique constraint twice
  • [CORE-1005] - SpringLiquibase releases lock even when liquibase could not acquire a lock.
  • [CORE-1007] - LiquibaseUtil opens an InputStream, but does not close it.
  • [CORE-1009] - Incorrect NUMERIC type conversion in Firebird
  • [CORE-1014] - Insert should also use sequence as a parameter to insert data
  • [CORE-1025] - MySQLTypeConverterTest fails


  • [CORE-886] - Generify interface ChangeWithColumns
  • [CORE-966] - OracleDatabaseSnapshotGenerator.readPrimaryKeys() performance improvement
  • [CORE-1017] - Document Mojo for listLocks, releaseLocks, changelogSync, changelogSyncSQL, and status
  • [CORE-1023] - System.out statements in liquibase core should be removed or replaced by logging statements.

New Feature

  • [CORE-40] - Ability to specify autoincrement start values
  • [CORE-760] - Grails plugin needs JNDI data source support
  • [CORE-909] - MsSql Express cannot be accessed via jdbc url given in properties-file
  • [CORE-938] - Database tagging via ant
  • [CORE-964] - Add "dropFirst" property to the SpringLiquibase

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