Release Notes - Liquibase Core - Version 2.0.4 - HTML format


  • [CORE-479] - UTF8 and FIrebird
  • [CORE-759] - DATE | DATETIME | TIMESTAMP fail to generate proper SQL for MS SQL on loadData from CSV
  • [CORE-906] - Incorrect date format in command line help
  • [CORE-1012] - Orcale: Liquibase doesn't escape reserved-words-column with quotes.
  • [CORE-1027] - Additional missing Oracle reserved keywords
  • [CORE-1032] - Metdata comment syntax for Formatted SQL Changelogs are not valid comments in MySQL
  • [CORE-1053] - Remarks are not supported for addColumn operation
  • [CORE-1060] - Regresion - defaultNullValue in addNotNullConstraint is interpreting the value as a String instead of an Int
  • [CORE-1066] - Reserved word "FILE" not being quoted on Oracle
  • [CORE-1074] - logFile parameter ignored when running from command line interface
  • [CORE-1086] - Missing escaping when creating an index in Postgres
  • [CORE-1087] - Missing reservedWords in PostgresDatabase
  • [CORE-1089] - Oracle doesn't support any "on update" specification on foreign key constraints
  • [CORE-1090] - Missing reservedWords in OracleDatabase
  • [CORE-1114] - Invalid sql for dropping index on a PostgreSql database
  • [CORE-1119] - Invalid syntax for create index on PostgreSQL
  • [CORE-1124] - foreignKeyConstraintExists fails on PostgreSQL when key name is specified in uppercase but created in lowercase in the db
  • [CORE-1128] - generateChangeLog does not accept --dataOutputDirectory parameter
  • [CORE-1145] - defaultContext in SpringLiquibase should be ignored when blank
  • [CORE-1146] - DropTableGenerator fails to support cascade

New Feature

  • [CORE-1107] - Ability to load blog/clob data from files


  • [CORE-420] - Add remarks support to addColumn
  • [CORE-1061] - Pull keywords list from DatabaseMetaData jdbc info
  • [CORE-1092] - LoadUpdate support for H2
  • [CORE-1096] - Several fixes of Derby support
  • [CORE-1123] - No sources jar for liquibase-core

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