Release Notes - Liquibase Core - Version 3.0.3 - HTML format


  • [CORE-844] - Integer with range limitations handled incorrectly on Oracle
  • [CORE-1313] - Unique constraint name is ignored when adding a column
  • [CORE-1316] - Column Type COMPUTED in loadData is not implemented correctly (shoud pass a DB Function instead of String to DB).
  • [CORE-1327] - renameColumn and renameTable with Sybase
  • [CORE-1329] - GenerateChangeLog on MSSQL exports a SMALLINT(5) - smallint does not allow precision
  • [CORE-1336] - AutoIncrement not working with some types
  • [CORE-1351] - PostgreSql 9 doesnt have datetime data type
  • [CORE-1353] - AutoIncrement not working for numeric types
  • [CORE-1354] - Sequences get dropped too early
  • [CORE-1356] - Unnecessary size specifications on MEDIUMTEXT, TINYTEXT, MEDIUMBLOB, TINYBLOB from generateChangeLog
  • [CORE-1358] - LiquiBase 3.0.2 writes '3.0.0-SNP' (Snapshot) to 'LIQUIBASE' column instead of '3.0.2'
  • [CORE-1362] - Informix fails when schema is not equal catalog
  • [CORE-1363] - ForeignKey NPE during dbDoc generation
  • [CORE-1366] - Oracle database dbDoc generation performance issues
  • [CORE-1367] - updateSQL generates an empty file using standard output in 3 version
  • [CORE-1369] - Whitespace in author in SQL formatted changelog causes that migration to be silently skipped
  • [CORE-1370] - Oracle doesnt have DATETIME datatype
  • [CORE-1371] - MySQL syntax error is thrown if schema name contains hyphens
  • [CORE-1372] - Version Command Line Argument Incorrect
  • [CORE-1373] - dropAll attempts to drop objects in other schemas under Oracle
  • [CORE-1375] - "group" is not included as a reserved word
  • [CORE-1377] - liquibase version says 3.0.0-SNP
  • [CORE-1380] - ^M present in liquibase unix running file (from jar on maven repo)
  • [CORE-1381] - DropAll: Not working with MsSql
  • [CORE-1383] - Error attempting to re-create databasechangeloglock on second liquibase run if running in Oracle under SYSTEM user
  • [CORE-1387] - dropAll fails with oracle since version 3.0.2
  • [CORE-1388] - MSSQLServer: 'REAL' dataype is returned with unnecessary size modifier during generateChangeLog
  • [CORE-1389] - AddLookupTable fails when using QUOTE_ALL_OBJECTS
  • [CORE-1394] - additionalInformation lost in DataTypeFactory.fromDescription()
  • [CORE-1395] - Bug in MSSQLDatabase.getViewDefinition()
  • [CORE-1396] - Liquibase is loosing indices on foreign key columns
  • [CORE-1397] - Informix DB: Size of VARCHAR more than 255
  • [CORE-1398] - Missing or unexpected unique constraint not found on Postgres
  • [CORE-1402] - Custom preconditions not passing XML validation
  • [CORE-1403] - Default schema not correct when using <tableExists>
  • [CORE-1405] - SpringLiquibase not closing connection if rollback exception
  • [CORE-1406] - MySQL loadUpdateData using literal values for update
  • [CORE-1408] - NVarcharType on Derby Fails
  • [CORE-1413] - NPE in changeSetExecuted precondition in changelog-level preconditions
  • [CORE-1414] - Improve error handling in empty databasechangeloglock tables
  • [CORE-1417] - generateChangeLog failed
  • [CORE-1418] - Foreign Key changes not detected in snapshot process

New Feature

  • [CORE-1412] - UpdateSQL should write to stdout not stderr


  • [CORE-1241] - Remove schema name from SQL generated when running updateSQL

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