Release Notes - Liquibase Core - Version 3.7.0 - HTML format


  • [CORE-2377] - Using replaceIfExists with <createView> generates DROP statements
  • [CORE-2971] - Comments at end of statements are incorrectly parsed
  • [CORE-3124] - Indexes with DESC sorting are not created for PostgreSQL
  • [CORE-3159] - class cast exception when running command line
  • [CORE-3174] - Plugin does not create parent directory
  • [CORE-3211] - Firebird does not support RESTRICT option on Foreign Keys
  • [CORE-3251] - SQL Server Changesets Not Escaping Keywords
  • [CORE-3365] - PrimaryKeySnapshotGenerator throws NPE for SQLite
  • [CORE-3375] - addNotNullConstraint on h2 still requires (unused) columnDataType
  • [CORE-3386] - includeAll can't resolve relativeToChangelogFile path within a jar file
  • [CORE-3437] - MariaDB 10.3.4+ problem with add column PERIOD

New Feature

  • [CORE-2235] - Support priority-based selection of Precondition implementation
  • [CORE-3205] - Change Log Parameters from Environment Variable


  • [CORE-3303] - Allow disabling shouldRun configuration via CDI integration
  • [CORE-3388] - DB2 LUW supports boolean data type column from version
  • [CORE-3400] - add "manifoldclass:" to list of skipped URL protocols in DefaultPackageScanClassResolver
  • [CORE-3411] - Type specification in where element of update statements

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