Release Notes - Liquibase Core - No new issues - report new issues in GitHub - Version 3.6.3 - HTML format


  • [CORE-3100] - diff with uppercase reference database name
  • [CORE-3141] - ForeignKeySnapshotGenerator broken with recent SQL Server driver
  • [CORE-3192] - Error while including resources with includeAll directive
  • [CORE-3221] - Parsing valueDate Attribute of column Tag leads to precision loss and generating SQL for Oracle DB is broken
  • [CORE-3222] - Bin zip doesn't work due to missing slf4j-api JAR
  • [CORE-3231] - NPE in LogService.pushContext for MDCs that don't allow null values
  • [CORE-3242] - MS SQL Server 2008 support issue
  • [CORE-3256] - Verbose flag not getting interperated during 'status' command.
  • [CORE-3293] - Non global change log parameters are wrongly resolved in inner files
  • [CORE-3296] - CommandLineUtils::getBanner fails if manifest entries are missing
  • [CORE-3311] - A DBMS-specific change set excluding a DBMS is not included for others
  • [CORE-3335] - Not possible to register/unregister SqlGenerators during execution of changeSet
  • [CORE-3348] - MSSQLDatabase class has a bug when connecting to SQL Server 2008 databases


  • [CORE-3122] - ReplaceIfExists implementation for create view script in DB2
  • [CORE-3407] - Add info logging for rollback statements

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