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  • Change log DSL
  • Use slf4j rather than java.util.logging
  • Ruby port
  • Replace all destructive tags (dropTable etc.) to throw errors if used.
  • Postgres version that does not quote mixed-case table names
  • During an updateSQL, apply changes to an in-memory database snapshot so snapshot-related preconditions work.  See
  • Database commands available in change log:
    • Backup database
  • Additional database refactorings:
    • Merge tables
    • Merge columns
    • Replace LOB with table
    • Replace Surrogate Key With Natural Key
    • Add Trigger For Calculated Column
    • Introduce Soft Delete
    • Encapsulate Table With View
    • Anything else from
  • Eclipse plugin
  • Diff data
  • Graphical view of changelogs and included changelogs
  • Enhance Rollback to include data
    • If the sql is an insert -> generate the delete sql for the insert
    • if the sql is an update/delete -> update the changelog with rollback data
  • Distribute LiquidBase on a maven repository

Feel free to add to this list if you know of functionality that would be useful as a plug-in