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The Liquibase Documentation website has a new feature which allows you to review any documentation topic on the website, and submit feedback or corrections quickly and easily so the writing team can make adjustments.

Where can I find this feature?

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This feature can be found on any documentation page throughout the website on the right hand center of your screen. Just click the feedback button and you’re in business! The tool will capture an image of your screen and provide you will a few tools and a form for feedback.

How do these tools work?

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There are several useful tools that allow you to submit feedback:

  • Text: The text function allows you to highlight a section of the page with a red box, then write a text comment in a bubble beside it.

  • Pen: The pen function allows you to draw or write directly on the screen capture with a red pen.

  • Arrow: The arrow function allows you to create arrows so you can point to things.

  • Blackout: The blackout function allows you to create a black box to cover items you want to signal need removal.

After you have added any necessary feedback directly to the screen capture, you must enter a summary of what the issue is in the Title field of the UserSnap form, followed by a detailed message of what needs to be corrected in the Your message field. Entering an email is optional, however, you can keep track of the status of your ticket with an email submission.

When you have completed your ticket, hit the SEND button.

What happens next?

Your ticket is immediately submitted to the documentation team, where it is sorted, prioritized, and then put in the queue to be completed in the next available sprint that has room. Once any work on your ticket is completed and published to the website, your ticket will be closed.