DbUnit integration


Hi all, this is my first task I create for this project. First I just want to say that this project it's amazing. I could integrate Liquibase to my ivy build machinery and generate the change logs and new change logs in a couple of hours. I am not a DBA and probably I don't need one now! There are many good things I want to say about this tool but of course this is not the place.

I found Liquibase through a blog. http://www.poornerd.com/2010/12/07/database-migration-with-liquibase-and-dbunit/
I am DBunit an and I didn't know you could integrate DBunit to ANT and it's really a great idea.

The feature I would like to request is Liquibase-DBunit integration. Basically I would like to use DBunit features to load the database during Liquibase migration process. I would like to use DBunit's datasets to define the initial data. The DBUnit's datasets are DBMS independent and easy to generate/write.

I think it's possible to achieve that using a CustomChange object. Let me know if I am wrong, but this task must also generate the portion of the SQL if you want to generate the migration script instead of applying it directly. I am not sure if DbUnit has the ability of generating a script for a particular operation and dataset. This DbUnit changelog must also generate the rollback scripts.

I will try to create the DBUnitChangeLog myself but currently I am really busy in my project.

Thank you for this awesome tool.




Fernando Boucquez (PPL)