liquibase-maven-plugin doesn't look for changelogs in transitive jar dependencies


I have the following maven projects:

  • org.sample:artifactA:jar that contains a changelog xml with a changeset

  • org.sample:artifactBom that has two modules

  • org.sample:artifactC:jar that defines a changelog xml that imports the one from artifactA

  • org.sample:artifactD:jar that defines another changelog xml that imports the one from artifactC

Having installed (mvn install) artifactA, I'm able to running liquibase during the pre-integration-test phase using the maven plugin on module artifactC. artifactC has a declared dependency to artifactA due to it requires the changelog from artifactA.
In addition to that, the artifactD has a dependency to artifacC due to it requires the xml from artifactC but when I run the liquibase-maven-plugin an error happens due to the plugin is not able to find the xml that is contained in the transitive dependency: artifactD->artifactC->artifactA

Steps to reproduce this issue:

  1. download the zip

  2. unzip it

  3. go to artifactA folder and run: mvn install

  4. go to artifactB folder and run: mvn integration-test

The exception is the following:


Ubuntu 9.10, Maven 2.2.1, Java 1.6.0_20


Guillermo Fernandes

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