Liquibase 3.0.5 will not create tables in dbo schema in SQL Server



I want to use Liquibase 3.0.5 to migrate some database tables located in the dbo schema in SQL Server, but no matter what I do it will always create the tables in the schema of the logged-in user. I'm using Maven, and my configuration looks like this:

I also tried adding the schema name in the change set like this:

.. but this also didn't work.

When googling for a solution I noticed that in version 2 people had the opposite problem, namely tables only being created in the dbo schema, so I tried downgrading Liquibase to v2.0.5, and that fixed my problem.

However I would like to use the latest and greatest version of Liquibase, so is the problem I described a bug or a feature in version 3?


SQL Server


Nathan Voxland

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