Configure further validations for certain XML elements


I want to be able to configure that when using a certain XML tag, other properties must be met so that the change set is valid.

Let's use the <createIndex> tag as an example, for me, the tableSpace attribute for that tag must be specified. If it's missing, the liquibase validate should fail.
Maybe this could be turned on using a properties file or properties on the command line with -Dliquibase.createIndex.requireTableSpace.

I'm aware that not all people might have provided the tablespaces in the past, possible solutions for that (not exclusive, maybe they can be combined)
-> specify checksums for which it is OK that the tableSpace is null
-> specify start date / time range from that on / within the validation should happen (all changesets created after / withing that time range should be verified, some checksums specified by a property should be excluded)
-> specify a version from which the validation should happen


All platforms/databases


Christian H

Affects versions