Obfuscated pro classes in liquibase-core cause problems on Java 11


This is similar to CORE-3503. However, my problem is with something else.

Not working with Java 11

The pro classes do not work with Java 11. Liquibase 3.8.0 was working completely fine on Java 11. See https://github.com/spring-projects/spring-boot/issues/19350 for more information about that.

Obfuscated pro classes in OSS

I completely support the decision of the team to add enterprise support and licensing for Liquibase. However, I am completely against mixing OSS and Enteprise into a single delivery package. Liquibase is extremely pluggable. Therefore I do not understand the decision of the Liquibase team to include enterprise features and a license check in an OSS Apache 2.0 release.

I would strongly advise the team to reconsider their decision and create a new enteprise jar that would contain the features with paid support. It can be an additional jar with the extra classes or a full jar with everything in it. This is up to you.


liquibase-core from Maven Central used with Java 11


Filip Hrisafov

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