runOnChange="false" does not work properly.


`runOnChange="false"` doesn't work properly. If a `changeSet` has already run, and `runOnChange="false"` then nothing else should matter. Instead, for example, liquibase will complain if the file referenced by a `sqlFile` element no longer exists. This doesn't make sense when `runOnChange="false"`.

The reason I found this is that a while back we moved each of our functions and views into individual files for better version control and difference tracking. I recently deleted a function, so naturally, I deleted the file for that function, but the original changeSet, that already ran long ago, now complains that the file referenced by the `sqlFile` element doesn't exist, even though `runOnChange="false"`

Please fix it so that if `runOnChange="false"` and the `changeSet` has already run, according to the `databasechangelog` table, then nothing else is done and any further processing of the `changeSet` is skipped.


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Victor Rodriguez

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