Liquibase Extensions

Welcome to the Liquibase Extensions Portal

Here you can find extensions and plugins available for Liquibase and how to contribute your own.

Please visit the main Liquibase site for documentation on the core functionality.


Creating a Plugin 

  • Gives an overview of how Liquibase works and describes where extensions can extend Liquibase.

Contributing a Plugin

  • Describes some of the mechanics involved in contributing a plugin and sharing it with the community.


  • Some ideas for extensions that could be written.

Integration Points

If you want to embed Liquibase in another application, or do something similar to the liquibase-maven-plugin, this is the information you need to know.

Extension Points

If you want to extend Liquibase to add new change types, alter the behavior of existing change types, or add support for new databases, these are the interfaces you need to know about. 

Commercial Extensions

Liquibase Pro

Liquibase Pro classes are included in the Liquibase jar file that is published at github. These classes are unlocked with a license key and provide additional functionality. Purchasers of Liquibase Pro have access to a named support engineer. Free trial is available.

Datical DB

Datical DB extends the core functionality of Liquibase over and above what is offered in Pro with additional functionality for enterprise use:

  • Graphical UI and Command Line interface
  • Change Set Wizard
  • Starting Schema Capture
  • Deployment Plan Wizard
  • Compare Databases 
  • Change Forecasting
  • Advanced Rollback

Datical DB also provides Liquibase extensions to enable support for

  • Procedures
  • Triggers
  • Functions
  • Packages
  • And more

Visit for more information.