Hana extension

Liquibase extension that provides support for  SAP Hana DB.

Source code is available under Apache license 2.0 at https://github.com/lbitonti/liquibase-hana

This is work in progress, currently used in a project I am working on.

The following generators are currently implemented (please keep in mind Hana limitations for some operations while using them):

  • AddColumnGenerator
  • AddDefaultValueGenerator
  • AlterSequenceGenerator
  • CreateIndexGenerator
  • CreateSequenceGenerator
  • CreateTableGenerator
  • CreateViewGenerator
  • DropColumnGenerator
  • DropIndexGenerator
  • DropPrimaryKeyGenerator
  • DropSequenceGenerator
  • DropTableGenerator
  • DropUniqueConstraintGenerator
  • DropViewGenerator
  • GetViewDefinitionGenerator
  • RenameColumnGenerator
  • RenameTableGenerator
  • SetNullableGenerator

Foreign Keys related generators are not implemented. They are still available, as all the other features through sql changesets (provided that your version of Hana supports them).

A binary release of version 2.0.5-0.1 tested against Liquibase 2.0.5 is currently available, the source code includes a 3.0.x branch which is not as complete and I plan to release at some point.